Flower Meanings

When choosing your wedding flowers, you may select them because they are your favourite flower, or are a particular colour or shape, or highly scented.   You may also like to know that most flowers carry a meaning or represent an emotion, and this may play a role when choosing to include a certain bloom in your bouquet.

Here are just a few popular wedding flowers, with their meanings and what they represent - 

Freesia - 'innocence & thoughtfulness'

Calla Lily - 'purity & innocence'

Lily of the Valley - 'purity & happiness'

Orchid - 'refinement & charm'

Ranunculus - 'charm & attractiveness'

Hydrangea - 'heartfelt emotions & gratitude'

Gypsophilia - 'everlasting love, pureness & innocence'

Daffodil - 'new beginnings & eternal life'

Sunflower - 'adoration & dedicated love'

Tulip - 'declaration of love'

Anemone - 'anticipation'

Red Rose - 'longing, desire & love'

White Rose - 'purity & innocence'

Yellow Rose - 'friendship & caring'

Pink Rose - 'joy & gratitude'

Orange Rose - 'passion & energy'

Gerbera - 'cheerfulness'

Delphinium - 'cheerfulness & goodwill'

Peony - 'happy life, marriage, good health & prosperity