Buttonholes & Corsages

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Buttonholes are traditionally worn by men on the lapel of their suit and are usually a single flower accompanied by some foliage. You would usually provide buttonholes for the Groom, Best Man, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom and Ushers, and sometimes a tiny one for Page Boys.  A flower to match one used in the brides bouquet is best, and sometimes with an additional flower for the Groom to make his more distinct from the others. 

Corsages are worn by ladies and typically contain more flowers than a buttonhole, but small and delicate flowers so that the corsage is not too heavy.  The colour of the flowers may reflect the wedding colour theme, or the lady may wish for the corsage to match the colours in her outfit. We use magnets to attach the corsage to the outfit, to avoid the risk of a pin damaging material. 

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